A Few Things You Might Want to Know about Avo…

Is there really no delivery fee?

Nope! – even for the smallest orders, such as a single tube of toothpaste, a box of diapers, or a single avocado, there is no delivery fee. Ever.

How come there’s never a delivery fee or a minimum order?

Well, we’re glad you asked 🙂 It’s quite simple actually – every order you place will be delivered along with other orders that will be shipped to the same location as your order. That way, only a few people need to place an order at any given time to offset the individual shipping costs.

Using this model, we can offer free delivery, every day, without any requirement for a minimum order on your end.

Can I really just order a single item?

Yes! You can place as many orders of single items as you’d like. You can even place multiple orders on the same day.

And what if I want to leave you special instructions for my order?

Right before paying, when we ask you to fill out your personal information, make a note in the space provided and we’ll take care of it. We’d love to hear your feedback and we’re carefully reading it 🙂

What products are available at the store? What’s next?

We keep our store up to date with a variety of products from different categories and we curate our product offering on a daily basis. As of today you can purchase items from our grocery, personal and baby care, and beauty categories in addition to much more.

Can’t find something you want? Let us know! (except love, you can’t buy that :))

When can I place orders?

The Avo website operates 24/7.

When will my products arrive?

Any order placed before 11:00 AM will arrive on the same day, no later than 5:30 PM and will be waiting for you at a designated location at your workplace. Placed your order after 11:00 AM? Don’t worry, your order will get to you the following day.

All orders arrive in a personalized branded bag which you will be able to pick up from the designated location at your workplace.

Not sure where to look? Don’t hesitate to ask us, we would be happy to assist.

What days do you deliver?

Delivery days are Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 11:00 AM on a Friday will arrive the following Monday.

What’s your return policy?

Returns are so easy.

You can return any of the products you ordered, every week-day, since we deliver every week-day. Our return policy is hassle-free and easy – just put the products you wish to return or replace in the designated
location at your workplace and we will be happy to send you a new product or provide a refund.

Please be advised that some products cannot be returned due to FDA Regulations, such as baby food.

Anything we forgot to cover?

You can always contact Danny from Avo, (917) 865-3209 🙂

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